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Post Concussion Syndrome Information

By Gordon S. Johnson, Jr.

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What is a concussion?

Also called a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, a concussion is an injury to the brain that does not involve extended coma (or loss of consciousness) where for at least some period, the brain’s functioning is disrupted. Such disruptions can include:

  • Some period of loss of consciousness, but typically less than a minute in duration,
  • A change in orientation/mental state,
  • A period of amnesia; or
  • Other deficits in neurological function.

Can you have a Concussion without being Knocked Out?

Yes, see the above answer. Any of the four elements is sufficient to support a diagnosis of concussion.

Does Concussion cause Permanent Brain Damage?

It can, but the amount is usually commensurate with the severity of the concussion. The problem in judging the severity of the concussion, is that there is no reliable way to measure the severity of concussion until several days after the event. It is the length of time that the acute symptoms persist (not the perceived severity when first seen by a medical professional) which define the severity of the concussion.

What is the difference between a concussion and a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?”

Technically, there is no difference. A concussion is a brain injury. However, at the time of injury, most MTBI are called a concussion, probably because the diagnostician believes the effects will be short lived. From a semantic point of view, when the symptoms continue after a few days, the label associated with those terms often shifts from concussion to MTBI, brain injury or post concussion syndrome/PCS.

Post concussion syndrome is the scholarly/medical diagnosis that is given to those who have persisting problems after having suffered a concussion. It is often abbreviated PCS, with the abbreviated reference to the associated cause of the disease of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury being MTBI.

Will you get better if you are currently feeling concussion symptoms?

In all likelihood, but it is difficult to predict the time frame for such recovery. It is critical that you continue to return for further diagnosis and treatment almost daily in the first few weeks if your concussion symptoms continue. If you were a professional or collegiate football player, they would evaluate your progress almost daily. Someone injured in a potentially life threatening car wreck should get no less attention.

Does a Concussion result in ongoing aymptoms and disability?

Often, but in 85-90% of cases, not for more than a few weeks. When concussion symptoms don’t clear in a few weeks, the diagnosis of post concussion syndrome (commonly abbreviated PCS), is often used to describe the patient/survivor’s ongoing condition.

If you don’t have a full recovery from a concussion, is it because you are nuts?

No. All concussion, involves at least some traumatic injury to the brain. Whether that is of sufficient magnitude to change in the way a person functions long term, is dependant on a convergence of variables, including the severity of the initial injury, the age and sex of the person (women do worse) and the pre-injury susceptibility of the injured brain. If the injured person has suffered previous injuries or is otherwise neurologically or psychologically vulnerable, the recovery is expected to be more complicated.

Why do some have persisting problems after suffering a concussion?

That is what we hope to help you understand here.


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